Psycodynamics Of The Delusion, “as If Possessed” Or “possession Syndrome”

Possession syndrome is very terrifying and enigmatic in nature but very fascinating and intriguing to study and analyze. Possession syndrome is characterized by full control of the human mind transitory, by some diabolic force called popularly demons and devils. These demons are not physical entities but psychic entities or projections of the mind.
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The psycho dynamics of human mind is very enigmatic, fascinating and intriguing and is alluring and eluding also. It is not very easy to grasp the nature of the mind. The ignorance of the secrets of the working of the human mind had lead many a person to believe in the existence of demons, monsters, or evil forces. There is no demon or evil force except human mind. Human mind is a popular dwelling place of these demons and evils. When the rational mind fails to grasp the underlined idea of the complex unconscious phenomenon, it is lead astray believing

and fixing in superstitious beliefs and ideas.  The subject is compelled to perform ritualistic sacrifices and other useless religious ceremonies to ward off or protect him from the evil effects of such phenomenon or of the unknown evil forces. The so called scientific and rational mind cannot go beyond narrow confines of matter, to enquire into the realm of human psyche. The laity is left with no alternative but to believe in the existence of demons or indulge in such phenomenon called spells, magic, seizure or possession by the folk mind. The folk mind has its own rationality and working of solving the unknown enigmatic and mysterious problems of life.


Delusion is a altered semi stuporos state of mind in which the mind is totally confused and is shrouded or clouded by mystery or mist and it cannot perceive the outward things clearly. The vision becomes clouded or   foggy.  The conscious of mind is totally eclipsed, in such a situation, the mind starts forming its own view of reality. It is disoriented. It is disordered state of mind. The possession means to be transitory under the spell of something supernatural or unknown as devil or demon. Devils and demons are nothing like physical material entities; these are only “psychic realities”. A normal person cannot see or perceive devils or demons; the human mind has to be diseased and morbid to see demons or devils. These are the “dark elements” or “dark contents” of human psyche or collective unconscious mind. The human mind is vast reservoir of these dark elements. The founder of depth psychology, Jung called these dark elements as “shadow” of the person. Shadow is the wonderful archetype that we all possess unconsciously or by virtue of being human beings, so possession indeed is not an outside agent, or phenomenon independent of human psyche but it is very essence or substance of human psyche.


 In “possession syndrome”, the rational mind seems to be under the spell or magic of some unknown entity. It may occur during waking time or during sleep. The mind of the person is fully conscious that something has happened to his body, he desperately tries to move his body parts but he utterly fails to move any of his body part.

He wants to call the people to help him by screaming and shouting to pull him out of this situation, but cannot do so in the least. He feels that a mammoth mountain or stone has settled on his chest but cannot move his hands or body to dislodge this mountain; he feels tremendous pressure on his chest. He wishes to call someone to help him to pull him out from this beleaguered position but he cannot open his eyes and he feels as if dying or drowning. He feels utterly despaired and helpless. Then all of a sudden he shrieks with full voice and is awakened, the shrieking is so loud that some person sleeping near by may also awake and ask the victim, “What has happened to you?” Now the victim knows nothing of the incident, except that, that he was under some possession. In the field of psychology this process of stilling of the body or “inertia of the body” during sleep is called catalepsy, the person may have “possession syndrome” also in dreadful dreams called nightmares.


It has been confirmed by repeated researches and documentation of  the cases under” possession syndrome” that childhood experiences and traumas play a vital role in many of the disordered and  disoriented  conditions of mind, many syndromes have their roots in childhood abuse and experiences and may be solely accounted for, for such phenomena. Fear, terror and hatred or malice, are three fundamental emotions that may be prescribed for the cataleptic and possessed mind. Guilty persons always fearing punishment, or persons lacking in self confident and consequently becoming “lambs” or terrified and bullied persons are most likely or vulnerable  to have cataleptic and possession type experiences. The loud shrieking in such instances acts as a “safely valve” or “defense mechanism”, when the fears , terrors, anxieties continue building up in the unconscious mind then in a desperate bid the mind tries to open the flood gate to safeguard itself from the devastation and the disastrous catastrophe. In this way the severe mental psychosis is averted. So we should see these mental phenomena occurring during sleep as our friends and not as our enemies. And we should try to resolve our conflicts with the help of a psychotherapist, instead of the clever and deceitful clergyman who not only rob  us of   our hard earned money out make our mind impoverished and compelling us to believe in superstition and false  beliefs.




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