The Division Of Mind And Divided Self Is The Manifestation Of Guilt.

Split of mind or split between phantasy and reality is central to guilty conscience. In guilt ridden psyche the real self is overtaken by imaginary self.
 The division of mind and divided self is the manifestation of guilt.
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Guilt is universal negative emotion of self loathing and self reproach. The self confidence or will power of the guilty person is reduced to zero because of the ambivalence of mind. The self confidence is backbone of mind. Without self confidence and will power mind feels collapsed, paralyzed and immobilized. The guilty mind becomes so fearful and panicky that it can not accomplishes anything. Fear of failure and not succeeding in mission and objective, is tenaciously fixed and grasps the mind tightly. Guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, phobia, depression etc all psychosis and neurosis are interconnected. One leads to the creation

of other.  These are so entwined and intermingled that it becomes very difficult to isolate these emotions from each other. The psychosis and neurosis depend largely on the susceptibility and vulnerability of the human mind.

Susceptibility / vulnerability

In the same situation and environment, whether one gets, guilt, phobia, depression, fear etc depends on the susceptibility or vulnerability of the person concerned. Every person is prone to certain set of diseases. Susceptibility is primary, prior to person and person is secondary in hierarchy. This susceptibility hidden in the mind of the individual is potential danger and stuff for further generation and catching of diseases. The latency of potential of the personality determines the future course of the personality.

Archetype of seed

The hidden and secret latency of seed or archetype of the seed determines the future pattern of the plant. The patterns of a mango tree and fig tree are altogether different. The genius of Hahnemann, the founder father of Homeopathy discovered this latency or susceptibility of diseases hidden in man’s psyche and called it sycosis. Sychotis is propensity of the psyche of particular individual to catch and react to a particular morbid stuff called disease. Sycosis produces psychosis and is integrated with our feelings and thoughts and gets manifested or expressed in the form of morbid feelings, perversions on the mental plane and warts, excrescences’, carbuncles, skin growths, skin diseases, moles and cancers

on the physical plane of human existence. Parallel to the concept of sycosis advocated by Hahnemann, Jung advocated the concept of archetype in analytical psychology.   


There are two very peculiar features of sycosis. It produces the division of schism of human mind leading to, guilt and shame, schizophrenia and insanity on the mental plane and cancerous growths in the form of cysts or malignant growths on the body. Its pace is very insidious. And once it is implanted on an organism it goes on multiplying and replica ting itself without break or interruption. Ultimately, the benign skin growth turns into malignant cancerous growths. On the blood vascular system, it may take the form of malignant hypertension and arteriosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis further leads to heart attacks, angina, ischemic heart diseases or gangrene etc.

Ambivalence and sycosis

Sycosis poison and morbidity divides the mind into two opposing and conflicting entities fighting with each other for dominance. It is process paradoxical process of acceptance and rejection.  The sycosis creates such an ambivalent or inconstancy of mind that it goes on fighting with himself never deciding either way. Man or being is always “antagonism with the self”. Total confusion and chaos is created in the mind. Mind gets divided into two distinct selves, one imaginary or false and second real. These are also termed higher self and lower self. When mind gets splitted in this way, it starts disintegrating and degrading, creating lot of psychosis in the mind. This mental psychosis further leads to frustration, failure, fears and anxiety. Man becomes alienated from society and self. The process of splitting results into schizophrenia or schizoid personality; that is completely out of touch with reality and society. The schizoid mind starts living in own delusions and hallucinations completely absorbed in phantasm and phantoms


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