Blaming And Shaming Two Invincible And Indomitable Tools Of Defensive Mechanism

The blaming and shaming are not only tools of defense but offense also. In modern society due to perverted mentality of society these are widely used to defend the self and offend the others self. The narcissist uses these tools deliberately to injure the personality of its prey.
Blaming and shaming two invincible and indomitable tools of defensive mechanism
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You might have seen that blaming and shaming has become culture of the modern society. These are two mental attitudes to which the perpetrator deliberately or unconsciously adopts to cut their targets or enemies to the proper size. These tools are widely used to marginalize their opponents. The implications of such destructive and squeezing attitudes connect us to the realm of narcissism. These are prominent and characteristic traits or defensive tools of the narcissist personality to make the targeted victim to the vulnerability of these tools. Once the person becomes vulnerable to shame and blame it becomes all the easy

to ambush and crush the prey for the food of the narcissist. To be easily blamed and ashamed are two most vulnerable and fragile points of any weak personality. That is why the manipulative narcissist personality attacks these two vulnerable points with meticulous exactness.

 It has been keenly observed that more and more men and women are falling prey to narcissism.  The innocent victims of narcissism are increasing incredibly. Apart from the NPD narcissistic personality disorder; people are feeling the impulse to become narcissist in their day-today behavior in one way or the other. The narcissist attitude of modern society is the greatest danger to the social fabric and the very society itself.   There is every likelihood of society may collapse and paralyse under the weight of narcissism The huger for self elevation and ego assertion  has increased tremendously in modern days. He wants to keep his above all. In this increased hunger or “empty sinking feeling in stomach” man has started to eat his own self in a diseased manner. The megalomaniac attitude, the inflated ego, the vanity, love of the self , selfishness and possessiveness has so tremendously enhanced that man has started living in its own ivory tower entirely alienating from surrounding and fellows. He has become emotionally void wildly emotional. The passion is not for pursuing altruistic acts of benevolence, benefiting society as a whole but for gratifying one’s own ego at the

cost of others. We work for the elevation of ego at the expanse of others.

The shaming and blaming tools of the ego driven person have become so formidable that the political parities are opening engaging in this weaponry to dislodge their enemies. These have become the prominent tools of propaganda. The blaming and counter blaming has become the life style of modern society. Even the children are using blaming techniques throwing excuses, and blaming other children to justify their own wrong doings. Blaming has entered the domain of “character assassination”. The divorced couples and frustrated desperate lovers are blaming each other of adultery and infidelity.

The modern day crazy and frenzied guys are no exception to employ this strategy to prey the girls of their fantasy. They are shamelessly and blatantly blaming and shaming girls for heinous crimes such as stalking, assaulting and raping. They are blaming the sexy and excitable dresses of girls as trigger factors for the excitation of their wild emotions and passions. The girls are being made scape –goats. They are making girls ashamed by justifying their sexually assaults. The innocent girls with out knowing the wild, brutal, cruel, sadistic, narcissistic and empathetic mentality of the perpetrators of of such crimes against them are really feeling ashamed for their dresses. They may feel as if the dresses that they wore are real cause of guy’s assault on their integrity. The real culprit or cause is not the dress but the driving, wild, distorted force of sexuality and mentality that has identified with desire. They are driven by their sexual frenzies and fantasies.  The fantasilisation of their psyche drives them to rape or heinous crimes.  But the girls innocently think and blame themselves perhaps it was their dress that has prompted the guys to act so rash and ruthless.        


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