Guilt Induced Insanity And Prominent Delusion Of Such Insanity

Pathological guilt may produce insanity and insanity may produce the delusion” body is made of glass and is transparent.
Guilt induced insanity and prominent delusion of such insanity
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Guilt makes the human mind psychotic and psychotic in turn may produce insanity. Psychosis is the chaos and disorder in the psychodynamics of the mind of man produced by internal conflicts and ambivalent condition of mind. In psychosis, the harmonious working of mind is disturbed and it gets aberrated and deviated from normalcy.  The psychosis of mind may lead mind to most brutal and ruthless perversion of mind, unheard of in human history. Psychosis is whirlpool and tsunami of mind in which mind is so deluded that it gets tremendously delinked or disconnected from reality. The mind is so clouded

and confused with multiple ideas even contradictory in nature, that a clear vision or image of reality is distorted. Psychosis produces illusions, delusions and hallucinations of all kinds. The auditory or visual delusions are commonly seen in schizoids, which live in their own world of imagination and fantasy totally disconnected and estranged from outward perception.

Guilt and insanity

 Guilt is so powerful a negative emotion that it consumed all positive energy of mind and changes the direction of libido negatively and in a pessimistic way. It consumes all blood of man slowly but steadily. The intense and prolonged anxiety it produces has the potential to turn the healthy normal mind into insanity and total eclipse of consciousness into darkness. It is total distortion or distraction of mind. The insane breaks all its healthily relations, connectedness and relatedness with the surroundings and world. It is filled with emptiness, voidness, meaninglessness, absurdity and chaos etc. the insane person starts looking the world and its processes from its own glasses. He starts having various kinds of delusions.

Delusion: he or she is made of glass and is transparent

 The prominent delusion of the insane and schizoids is: delusion –“He is mad of glass and is transparent and will easily break”. By delving into the world of madness let us see what the meaning and substance of this strong feeling that the insane is having in his fantasy?  Why he perceives his body to be composed of glass. Why he fears its breakability and transparency? We cannot understand the behavior of the insane in isolation of the society and social milieu and his hereditary environment that has produced and shaped his existence and being.

The central delusion of insane body glass is! Or body is made of glass.  It is exactly what he feels, what he experiences?. He senses his body to be made of glass instead of bones and muscles. Glass is most vulnerable to breaking and outer influences.  It is very fragile. It can easily break. The insane constantly fears its body like breaking and so is terrified and does not allow anyone to come near him or touch his body. This is

common symptom running in insanity that the insane person will not allow anyone to touch his body. He is very fearful and scary of the approaching person. He is terrified in his core delusion that his body is so fragile and weak, of such a transparency and fragility, that a mere look directed at his body or at him may split it into splinters or pieces and penetrates straight through him. This is the explanation of the delusion in explicit terms but not the motive or intention of the psyche that produced it.

Milieu of the “delusion made of glass”

 From experience we know that such as it is, is the most insecure and feared situation. It is the product of insecurity and fear. What is the insecurity and fear that the insane is experiencing in his own fantasy and world?  The insane lived a life of depravity and beguile manovouring duping people and exploiting them by adopting cunning strategies.  An incident might have happened in his life, may be police raid, income tax raid or something like this of secretive nature that exposed his designs and exposed him in full view of public. This social incident might have shakes his   conscience and produced psychosis in his psyche. The psychotic earthquake made him insane and he started living in his fantasy in this way.  The statements of the persons afflicted with psychosis are not meaningless utterances but full of images and symbols.  

Insane symbols and images

Through his insane symbols we can reach his inner psyche and know the processes running there. The insane is not real person indeed. His   real personhood is lost in the process of insanity. He has imposed or masked so much; that now he is completely changed and another person in his phantasy. He masqueraded the whole life and the masqueradation produced this effect. The pretension has gone so far. The insane imagination is deluded both ways, far away from reality. Either he becomes a model of religious person, model of righteousness or model of wickedness, model of evilness. He has delusions of either of persecution or of grandiosity. Either he is Buddha, Christ / God or demon or monster. The non reality of his delusion has its own reality. Delusions are not merely empty phantasies and meaningless abstractions of the psychotics but they contain their way of life. They reflect their way of living and their life style.  These are the psychic realities of the psychotics.

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