Concealment And Concealed Behavior Is The Womb (uterus) Of Shame.

Shame and shadow are interlocked. We do not ride on vehicles but on the twin wings of shadow. Shame is awareness or consciousness that we are riding on shadow wings. We conceal things that produce shame in our minds. The more secret a person is, the more he is victim of shame. Shame needs secrecy for its growth and nourishment.

The secretive behavior and secret maneuvering is the hallmark of shame. Shame is universal emotion. Shame takes its birth from the womb of sycosis or secrecy. It is the by product of the illicit behavior and deprivative state of mind of the person. The most secret thing in the human relationships is sex. It is the thing that is most desired but desired secretly and done secretly. There is binary relation between lust and shame. But not always co-existing, one may exist independent of the other. Shame is the effect or response of secret act or act done in privacy.

The mind is overpowered or overwhelmed by the spell of shame.

Shame and Guilt

Shame and guilt are not identical. One can not be substituted for other in certain situations these may co- exist. One is apt to accompany the other in many circumstances. There is vicious circle of shame guilt and depression. To kill shame or to avoid shame one is tempted to commit suicide. The semi committed suicide may generate guilt in the psyche of the person and the guilt may further lead to suicide. It creates regret and remorse in our mind. The guilt does the same way. The awareness of our wrong act or sin is shame. The act of committing heinous act is guilt. So shame is the reaction response of guilt. Why did I commit the mistake? It is guilt. The production of its effect is shame. That is why both shame and guilt are well connected in interrelationships. If shame and guilt are to be differentiated minutely we can see the process of committing sins is guilt and the effect of this action is shame.

Shame is making you conscious of this bad or sinful action while guilt is punishing you for the act. Shame is precursory to guilt. Shame is blind while guilt is lame. Shame has taken over your power of walking on legs and shame has taken over your power of seeing the world. Both shame and guilt may cripple the self and have potential to produce psychosis. When guilt starts riding on the legs of shame the walking and seeing may continue but crisis is produced.

Shame and self consciousness

Shame, narcotics, intoxicants and other such as conscious deadening, benumbing substances have antagonistic relationships. Shame is very self conscious emotion while drugs and alcohol makes our conscious s alien to shame or the person under the narcotic effects becomes unaware of shame.   Man only uses drugs and narcotics to himself shame proof.  Human conscious or conscience is keenly sensitive to the emotion of shame.

We have got high in built sensitivity and vulnerability to the emotion of shame. Shame has inhibitory effect on our   psyche. It is universal tool of moral code or normative science. It is the “teacher of our psyche” that educates us and teaches us many things. It has the shame role in personality making as the role of an ideal teacher.  It is the first teacher of mankind. It is “dharma guru” of mind. Our mind hankers after senses and sense objects in pursuit of sensuousness.

Dharma (religion) and Sharma (shame) are the moral gurus of mind that forbade mind from wrong doings and sins. Mind feels ashamed in coming in direct contact with shame. Shame is Grand

eternal teacher of humanity. It is original teacher. It is archetype. It is blue print for morality and ethics. The religious teachers and school teachers are embodiment of this primordial archetype of education and learning. As a self conscious emotion the teacher (shame) informs us of our internal state of inadequacies, unworthiness, and dirtiness. It brings us in direct touch with of our sins .It is mirror that shows us the real face of our psyche. Shame simply means that we have no courage to face the ugly situation and state of affairs of our mind. It makes us shame ridden. Our eyes are shut down or cast down automatically in response to acts of shame. This simply means that situation is so ugly and painful that warrants closure of our eyes. It creates regret and remorse in our mind. The guilt does the same way. The awareness of our wrong act or sin is shame. The act of committing heinous act is guilt. So shame is the reaction response of guilt. Why did I commit the mistake? It is guilt. The production of its effect is shame. That is why both sham and guilt are well connected in interrelationships.

Shame and shadow

 Shame makes us aware of our misdeeds and dishonor. It is the counter   part of our big archetype “shadow” of our psyche. “Shame and shadow” go hand in hand. Shadow is the catalogue of our unethical deeds committed secretly stored in our psyche. Concealment and secrecy are the hallmark of shame and shadow. Shame is great therapeutic tool that has the potential to make us see our collective mind to which we are not aware at all. Shadow and shame are always with us. Where ever we go these go with us. Shadow is the “dark ocean of dark waters” of our psyche. Shame tries to make us aware of these “dark waters” or “Dark Ocean” of our psyche which are never known to us otherwise. Neither others or society nor we are aware of our “dark waters” of our personality. Any object, situation or circumstance can create shame in our minds.  Anything that makes us aware of our shortcomings / inadequacies may be trigger factor of shame. Our failure to meet our goals/ ideals and standards may be the trigger factor of shame. Shame is judge that makes judgments and gives its verdict on our actions. Shame is punishment of our self. None wants to punish himself. Everyone wishes to punish others.  That is why we run from shame. It makes us to hide our self in secrecy or exclude our self from society. It makes us to withdraw our self from the situation. Where there is concealment there is shame. Where there is hiding there is shame. Our modern day’s society addictions to drugs and intoxicants intrinsically connected and linked to shame. Shame lurks behind most of human behaviors.


Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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